An Era of Conscience


Declaration for the Movement of An Era of Conscience. I joined! I endorsed! Let love swirl around the world
  • The Critical Time in 2014 World Citizens United to Promote an Era of Conscience

  • I want to love and protect the animals because we, creatures of the world, are one big family, and feel the love that mother earth gives us.

  • None Housewife Rula Abdulhariz

  • The 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference – Youth Advocacy Training Program Pre-Workshop

  • A brighter world is dependent upon the solutions their heart.

  • 2014 International Love and Peace Day Forum on the Awakening of Conscience in San Francisco Bay Area

  • Beautiful, phenomenal Eastern culture was brought to Times Square in New York by a group of international volunteers with pure, broad smiles as they appeared on the big screen.

  • San Mateo - Foster City School District Turnbull Learning Center T9

  • Charles K. Mkandawire, Head of Chancery, Permanent Mission

  • Dr Ralph J. Cicerone, President, National Academy of Sciences of the United States


  • Jennifer
  • Roberta Perlman
  • Ron Zaidman
  • Kaia
  • Kitty Louie
  • Trevor Huntley
  • Angela Tu
  • Joanna Zhao
  • E-Sing Kuo
  • Julie Wenying Zhu
  • Jung, Yoon-Ho
  • Nian Peng Shi
  • Marilyn Allen
  • Francisco Hsieh
  • Sarah Moussavi
  • Cerise Santoro
  • Khaled Alfawaz
  • William Shao
  • Yeme Alemayehu
  • Kevin Khang
  • Jessica Cantrell
  • Hug Bui
  • Mayar Alqahtani
  • Zaher Alsagoor
  • Augela Zhang
  • Escamilla Aviles, Mario
  • 前川紀子(右)
  • 西 洋平(左一)
  • 大塚香織(右一)
  • 趙上慧 (右 )
  • 三藤英里(右)
  • Joleen Chia-Ying Chu
  • Kevin Khang
  • Huarg Ting Xin
  • Yeme Aleimaehu
  • Yosk Tanaka
  • Annie Ta
  • Amy Truong
  • Becky Chen
  • 川口由紀子
  • Susie
  • Xiao Hong Cai
  • 길럭수
  • A. Turkusevic
  • Almira T. Almine
  • Carol DeAngelis
  • Felipe Oliveira
  • James Lynch
  • Ms. Metu Susie Amala
  • Knut J. Johnson
  • Edward Huang
  • Audrey Huang
  • Teacher TSAI
  • Vivian
  • Caleb


Kareem Azizi Tucker: Just Start and We will be Successful!

Azizi Tucker, an expert developer of green products, knows exactly how to bring great ideas into reality. Formerly, he worked as a senior supplier quality manager and engineer at Tesla Motors, a renowned high performance electric car manufacturer. He curr

Cupertino City Mayor Gilbert Wong: “Continue This Movement. Continue This Consciousness

The city of Cupertino is located at heart of Silicon Valley in the northern part of California, 50 miles to the south of San Francisco. The Apple headquarter, along with more than 60 major international companies, are all located in this area. Cupertino i

Lead Our Technology towards the Right Path

In response to the Era of Conscience movement, Dr. Leehter Yao, the President of National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan, emphasized the importance of engineering ethics.

In Rebuilding a Culture of Conscience, President of Kazakhstan Echoes with Actions

2015 has encountered a rocky start. On January 11th , 1.5 million people gathered to mourn and express their outrage for the deaths of the “Charlie Hebdo” incident at a unity rally that also saw the participation of French President François Hollande and

Conscience effect spreads to UN

A civil organization, with the belief that everyone can be good leaders, initiated the movement of “An Era of Conscience” and received supports all over the world. The principle of the movement suggested that if everyone could be a conscientious leader, d

Southern California’s international volunteers of conscience promote "An Era of Conscience" in UN

The 65th Annual UN DPI / NGO Conference will be held at the United Nations headquarters in New York from Aug.27-29; international volunteers for “An Era of Conscience” from the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), based in Walnut, Southern Califor

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Spectacular cultural performances spread positive happy energy Tai Ji Men Chinese New Year Gathering galvanizes the attendees at Cal Poly Pomona

On the beautiful afternoon of March 8 at Cal Poly Pomona, Tai Ji Men presented a series of spectacular cultural performances that touched the hearts of over100 attendees of different ethnic backgrounds; the energetic and jubilant program gave the particip

Tai Ji Men celebrates the Year of the Ram with traditional Chinese customs at Cal Poly Pomona Cultural exchanges among people of different ethnic backgrounds to unite the hearts of people and spread good fortune

Tai Ji Men celebrates the Year of the Ram with traditional Chinese customs at Cal Poly Pomona Cultural exchanges among people of different ethnic backgrounds to unite the hearts of people and spread good fortune

Dr. Hong Tao-Tze Urges the Protection Human Rights with Conscience at the Grand Gathering of World's Chief Justices

The fifteenth International Conference of Chief Justices of the World was held in Lucknow, India. This year’s conference has witnessed a total of 156 guests from 62 nations including chief justices, judges, government officials, members from NGOs attendin

Puzzle of conscience: Awakening to the rule of law- Number of nations joining “An Era of Conscience” increases to 187

The movement, launched at the beginning of the year, has spread across the globe, including New York, where flash mob performances called “Battles to Protect Conscience” were given on the streets, and the UN Headquarters, where numerous NGO representative